Catalina Verdugo

age ~45

from Las Cruces, NM

Also known as:
  • Catalina Angel

Catalina Verdugo Phones & Addresses

  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Radium Springs, NM


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    Catalina Verdugo

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  • Location:
    Las Cruces, NM


Cristobal Aguilar

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…On October 30, 1848, Aguilar married Maria Dolores Yorba at the San Gabriel Mission just east of Los Angeles. His wife was the daughter of Jos Antonio de los Remidios Yorba and Mara Catalina Verdugo. The Yorbas possessed vast land holdings including most of the Santa Ana Valley (in present-d...

Rancho San Rafael

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In 1861 Julio and Catalina Verdugo split the rancho between southern (Julio) and northern ... An 1860 adobe built by Catalina's nephew, Teodoro Verdugo. ...


  • Catalina Verdugo

    • Friends:
      Ely Vega, Carlos Verdugo, Mara Andrea Perez, Camilo Ambrosio Aros Verdug
  • Catalina Verdugo

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      Francia Carreo Negrete, Pamela Barrera, Faloon Denisse Laraguibel Lopez
  • Mara Catalina Verdugo Urza

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      Ale Contreras, Francisco Verdugo, Carla Salas Naddaf, Maca Urzua Manchego
  • Catalina Verdugo Larenas

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      Belu Moda, Lais Salvaje, Rocio Rodriguez, Patricia Pavez Villaman
  • Heidi Catalina Verdugo Alvarez

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      Bernarda Aguilar Aguilar, Julia Leon Castro, Gonzalo Ibarra Fuentes
  • Catalina Verdugo Droguett

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      Michael Medina, Maria Paz Diaz, Asu Finis, Gustavo Barraza Ortega
  • Laura Catalina Verdugo Bravo

  • Evelyn Catalina Verdugo Velasquez


Verdugo Woodlands Glendale California

Realtor Sue Eller presents this short video about the features and ben...

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    22 Feb, 2012
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  • Catalina Verdugo

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