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  • Signal Recognition Apparatus

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  • US Patent:
    39447332, Mar 16, 1976
  • Filed:
    Feb 14, 1974
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Fordyce E. Tuttle - Palm Beach FL
  • International Classification:
    H01J 162
    H01J 2989
  • US Classification:
    178 78
  • Abstract:
    An electron - optical - photographic system utilizes the novel qualities of an optical density wedge filter for use with a CRT oscillograph having an optical density along the taper of the wedge equal to the square root of the probability density distribution of a random variable, e. g. , "white noise" displayed on one side of the X-axis of the oscillograph. The visual portrayal of the amplitude-time presentation of noise (as on a cathode ray tube) is modified by the filter to produce a uniform gray pattern. Addition of a sinusoidal signal to the noise then results in a clear recognition of the signal even when it is well below the noise level.

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