John L Kinnucan

age ~45

from Virginia Beach, VA

Also known as:
  • John Kinnucan
  • John Larry Kinnucan
  • John N
  • Sabrina Kinnucan

John Kinnucan Phones & Addresses

  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • 977 Hugo St, Norfolk, VA 23513 • 727-8572567
  • Hudson, FL
  • Pace, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Traverse City, MI
  • 12503 Southbridge Ter, Hudson, FL 34669
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  • John Kinnucan

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  • Address:
    12503 Southbridge Ter, Hudson, FL 34669
  • VIN:
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Analyst Arrested in Insider Probe

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John Kinnucan's Public

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John Kinnucan's Public Profile on Plaxo. Plaxo helps members like John Kinnucan keep in touch with the people who really matter, helping them to connect, keep each other's contact ...


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John Kinnucan Traverse c...

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John Kinnucan 1996 graduate of Traverse City High School in Traverse city, MI is on See pictures, plan your class reunion and get caught up with John and other high ...
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John Kinnucan Lake fores...

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John Kinnucan 1975 graduate of Lake Forest High School in Lake forest, IL is on See pictures, plan your class reunion and get caught up with John and other high ...
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Lake Forest High School, ...

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John Carbon (1965-1969),
Tom McKeon (1975-1979),
John Kinnucan (1971-1975),
Carole Ramai (1966-1970),
Julie Moorhead (1975-1979)
John Kinnucan Photo 6

Traverse City High School...

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Christine Grose (1969-1973),
John Kinnucan (1992-1996),
Jacklyn Bright (1966-1970),
Tamara Ahderson (1987-1991),
Jacqueline Hanell (1992-1996)


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Jean Kinnucan Vern Hills...

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Kenneth Kinnucan San Juan Capistrano, CA 46 John Kinnucan Portland, OR 53 Anita Kinnucan Lake Forest, IL 88 Paul Kinnucan Auburn, AL 86 ...
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Jerry Kinnucan Muskeg MI

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Joe Kinnucan Johanna Kinnucan John Kinnucan John Kinnucan Joseph Kinnucan


Kinnucan gets comeuppance

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  • After denying wrongdoing and publicly blasting investigators, John Kinnucan, the founder of Portland, Ore., research firm Broadband Research, admitted to cozying up to corporate insiders to get illegal stock tips he could feed to his hedge-fund clients.
  • Date: Jul 26, 2012
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

Kinnucan, ex-SanDisk exec charged in insider probe

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  • As part of the case against Oregon-based analyst John Kinnucan, former SanDisk Corp executive Don Barnetson was expected to plead guilty later Friday to supplying Kinnucan with inside tips, according to sources close to the investigation. They declined to be identified because those charges were not"John Kinnucan used financial incentives, fancy meals and other inducements to curry favor with public company insiders so they would serve up their employers' secrets," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.
  • Date: Feb 17, 2012
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

Expert Networker John Kinnucan Charged With Insider Trading

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  • The crime was committed in connection with Shimoonproviding material, nonpublic information to John Kinnucan,Broadband Research, and, indirectly, to Broadband Researchsclients, including money managers, the government said incourt papers in Shimoons case.
  • Date: Feb 17, 2012
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

Ex-SanDisk Employee Pleads Guilty in Kinnucan Insider Case

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  • Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Former SanDisk Corp. executive Donald Barnetson pleaded guilty to participating in a securities fraud scheme with John Kinnucan, an expert networking consultant who was also charged.
  • Date: Feb 17, 2012
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

Ex-Flextronics Manager Shimoon Pleads Guilty in Insider Case

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  • also admitted passing inside information while working for Broadband Research, for which he was paid a total of $27,500. In the plea agreement, prosecutors said he provided inside information to Broadband Research, to the firm's founder and principal, John Kinnucan, and to Broadband Research clients.
  • Date: Jul 05, 2011
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google
After Galleon Verdict, Effect On Wall Street Remains Unclear

After Galleon Verdict, Effect on Wall Street Remains Unclear

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  • The analyst, John Kinnucan, refused to work with the government and e-mailed his trading clients that he had declined the young gentlemans gracious offer to wear a wire and thus ensnare you in their devious web.
  • Date: May 11, 2011
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

SAC's 'Cohen Account' Examined by US in Insider-Trading Probe

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  • The government also sought information from SAC involving communications with or concerning John Kinnucan, founder of Broadband Research LLC. The Portland, Oregon-based firm provides research on technology companies to hedge funds, according to an April 6 letter from the U.S. Attorney.
  • Date: May 07, 2011
  • Category: Business
  • Source: Google

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