Josephine Borello

age ~75

from Woodstock, GA

Also known as:
  • Jo Borello
  • Lisa Borello
  • Josephine O
Phone and address:
1022 Longwood Dr, Holly Springs, GA 30189

Josephine Borello Phones & Addresses

  • 1022 Longwood Dr, Woodstock, GA 30189 • 678-4450706 • 678-4450707 • 678-4451070
  • Chatham, NJ
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Plainfield, NJ
  • Elizabeth, NJ
  • 1022 Longwood Dr, Woodstock, GA 30189
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  • Position:
    Private Household Service Occupations


  • Degree:
    Associate degree or higher



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Josephine Borello Photo 1

Josephine Borello Pittsb...

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