Paul E Paschetto

age ~88

from East Longmeadow, MA

Also known as:
  • Paul Paschetto
Phone and address:
136 Melwood Ave, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Paul Paschetto Phones & Addresses

  • 136 Melwood Ave, East Longmeadow, MA 01028 • 413-5256572 • 413-5259223
  • Clermont, FL
  • E Longmeadow, MA
  • Longmeadow, MA
  • 136 Melwood Ave, E Longmeadow, MA 01028 • 413-4787277
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  • Position:
    Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations


  • Degree:
    Bachelor's degree or higher


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    Paul Paschetto

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  • Location:
    East Longmeadow, MA
  • Industry:

Us Patents

  • Golf Putter Aligning Device

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  • US Patent:
    41748387, Nov 20, 1979
  • Filed:
    Jun 30, 1978
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Paul E. Paschetto - East Longmeadow MA
  • International Classification:
    A63B 6936
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    In a golf putter aligning device the improvement comprising a pendulum to aid in positioning a golfer's head in the vertical direction with respect to a ball, such pendulum being mounted for pivoted movement with respect to a horizontal pointer serving to align the putter with respect to the ball.
  • Ice Scraper

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  • US Patent:
    50995405, Mar 31, 1992
  • Filed:
    Oct 17, 1990
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Paul E. Paschetto - East Longmeadow MA
  • International Classification:
    A47L 106
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    An ice scraper is disclosed with multiple scraping surfaces. In the preferred embodiment, the scraper comprises a polygonal plastic plate with a central circular opening that acts as a handle; and a plurality of straight sides that form an octagon, wherein each of the sides has multiple sharp edges for scraping. This plurality of edges provides many working surfaces. Consequently, when one edge becomes dull, the invention need not be thrown away. Instead, it can be rotated, or flipped over, to use a new edge. In addition, because of the plurality of working edges, the user may scrape in a variety of directions without repositioning himself or realigning the scraper.


  • Paul Paschetto

  • Paul Paschetto S


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