William J Mitschang


from Glen Head, NY

Also known as:
  • William Mitschang
  • Wm Mitschang
  • William Mitchang
7 Rose St, Muttontown, NY 11545516-6767996

William Mitschang Phones & Addresses

  • 7 Rose St, Glen Head, NY 11545 • 516-6767996
  • 7 Rose St, Glen Head, NY 11545 • 646-2097770


Us Patents

  • Linear Motion Roller Bearing

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  • US Patent:
    45416745, Sep 17, 1985
  • Filed:
    Feb 24, 1984
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    William Mitschang - Glen Head NY
  • International Classification:
    F16C 2906
    F16C 2904
  • US Classification:
    308 6C
  • Abstract:
    An improvement in linear rolling bearing assemblies having cylindrical outer sleeves with a central bore and a cage within such bore having outwardly extending projections which define a plurality of continuous ball circulation paths, each comprised of a longitudinal load channel and an adjacent longitudinal return channel. The improvement consists of a unitary cylindrical outer sleeve having longitudinal load-carrying lands and accompanying return channel grooves, the load-carrying lands straddled by the outwardly extending projections of the cage in such a way that restricted rotation of the cage relative to the sleeve is permitted. The return channel groove is formed in the bore of the outer housing by a substantially horizontal deformation from the load-carrying land which deformation is blended with a ball-conforming shape whereby guidance is provided the balls through the return channel. The case is a single unit made from a material selected from metal and plastic and can be simply assembled by inserting the cage in the sleeve to form the assembly.

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