Frequently Asked Questions...

What is PublicReports?

PublicReports is an unparalleled people search engine that makes it quick and easy to find valuable information about individuals online. We use advanced algorithms to search our massive database of people information, and present users with a simple but comprehensive snapshot of the person they’re searching.

What are the sources of PublicReports's information?

PublicReports's information is compiled from public-domain records such as telephone books, public data feeds, or directly from telephone companies and local exchange carriers. This means that everyone has free access to this information about you already.

What are public-domain records?

Public-domain records are non-sensitive information provided by individuals to state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone companies, social web sites and other such entities. This information is recorded and maintained in a variety of public-records databases across the U.S. and are freely accessible to anyone.

How current is the data provided by PublicReports?

PublicReports works closely with its data providers to maintain current records. Much of our information is updated daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly. We also access information that comes directly from original sources or may be a result of an in-person visit to a courthouse or another original source.

How can I prevent myself from coming up in People Searches on the web?

We have partnered with Reputation Defender to help you manage your online reputation and privacy. We bring you two services: MyReputation and MyPrivacy.